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Birdwatching Tour



  • Day 01: Bangkok – Paro
  • Day 02: Paro – C helala –  Thimphu
  • Day 03: Thimphu – Dochula – Lampelri – Punakha
  • Day 04: Punakha
  • Day 05: Punakha
  • Day 06: Punakha – Trongsa
  • Day 07: Trongsa – Jakar
  • Day 08: Jakar – Thrumsingla – Sengor – Yongkola
  • Day 09: Yongkola
  • Day 10:  Yongkola
  • Day 11: Yongkola – Jakar
  • Day 12: Jakar –  Trongsa – Tintibi
  • Day 13: Tingtibi
  • Day 14: Tindtibi
  • Day 15: Tingtibi – Geleyphu
  • Day 16: Geleyphu – Chirang Damphu
  • Day 17: Chirang Damphu – Paro
  • Day 18: Paro – Bangkok

Bhutan is known for its virgin forests cover 72% of her total mass. The country rises up from tropical region of 150masl to over 7,000masl in the north which means it harness Indo-Malayan species and Pealartic species. Each year birding tours visiting Bhutan is on the rise hence species list on the increase too as visiting tours find species that are not on the reference books.

For a European birder Bhutan is an easier transition species wise compared to destination like South America with quite a number of species common in the words of a Nature Tourism-Bhutan’s previous birding client, Julian Bell of UK.

Lastly our local guides are a gem in the field Flora and Fauna. We pride ourselves in showing Bhutan to visiting birders from the world.



Bhutan Tour cost is $5,755 for solo traveler, $5,585 each for 2 people traveling and $5,075 each for 3 people traveling.

Included in our cost: All meals and lodging in Bhutan.  Entrance fee where applicable, Horses to carry your packs for 1 night 2 days mini trek, all transportation in Bhutan.  Round trip airfare from Bangkok to Paro to Bangkok in economy class

Not included in the price of the tour: Tips, souvenirs, beverages, and laundry.

Client testimony on above bird tour with Nature Tourism-Bhutan

I’ve recently returned from an 18 night birding trip with Nature-Tourism Bhutan. Two of us (one Brit and one American) travelled with Richen   (a superb bird guide ) and Sonom ( driver, culture tour leader and aspiring birder).  Our vehicle, a Nissan Tarrano was most comfortable and well suited to the Bhutan roads ( often narrow and twisty). We always felt safe with Sonom who took great pride in keeping the car clean and tidy.  We saw many great birds (including White- bellied Heron, 11 species of Laughingthrush, 5 species of Scimitar Babler, 4 species of Hornbill, Monal, Tragopan, Myzornis, Beautiful Nuthatch and 4 species of Parrotbill. Unlike many other tours we didn’t need to camp to see a comprehensive selection of birds ( the trip total was around 300). During the tour we stayed at several small privately owned hotels where the owners and staff were so welcoming. The food far exceeded my expectations and all aspects of the organisation went very smoothly. The company owner, Karma met us on arrival at the airport and on the final evening came to thank us for travelling with his company and for supporting  local tourism. If you want a more intimate tour than those offered by the larger companies why not contact Karma and book a tour. The price was very competitive and excellent value. I would be hard pressed to find anything negative to say about the tour.

Brian Coleman

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